The Match Starts Here

Cue the theme song and get ready to climb into the ring.

At a secret training facility located deep, deep underground the El Designo contenders are hard at work. The main room is piled high with inspiration collected over 20 years of design. Looming bookshelves are filled with books of the past, present and visions of the future. Masks and maps, paintings and antiques, illustrations and art supplies, paper samples and swatchbooks are efficiently laid out in misleading disarray. Here is where we, the design luchador's, the design free fighters, hone ideas into spectacular maneuvers.

​El Designo offers our clients unique, custom-made design and illustration solutions. We create high quality crafted products. And promise the use of local suppliers and reduced environmental impact.

Marc Nipp

Print Designer, Illustrator, Owner, AKA “El Artistico”

Marc has been in the wrestling circuit for 13 years, performing in rings large and small all over Edmonton. He even trained junior design wrestlers at MacEwan University for a while. He is gifted with sideburns of power that collect and focus creative energy and channel it to his brain, making his designs unstoppable. As his alter ego, El Artistico, he dons the cape of illustration and the tights of craftsmanship and performs in the ring, much to the dismay of his wife. Marc Nipp has had 13 years design experience in various advertising agencies, print shops and design studios.

Those experiences include: sales, customer service, scheduling, product/project development, marketing, organizing, advertising, and negotiating. Marc also has 4 years experience as an Design Instructor at MacEwan – Centre for the Arts. Skills acquired here include: training, operations, coordinating, negotiating, scheduling, and public speaking. Marc is an artist and illustrator with 30 years experience in: illustration, painting, sculpting and building. Ten years working as an assistant woodworker have developed his sense of quality craftsmanship, attention to detail and the ability to work with his hands.

​Marc holds a diploma in Graphic Design and Illustration from MacEwan University, and broadens his artistic skills by enrolling in as many illustration seminars as he can..


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