El Designo - Behind the Mask

Hey! These guys aren't mexican.

When we founded this company in 2010 we wanted to create a studio that was beyond the norm, something that could represent our collective style and personality. We came up with dozens of ideas for company names and how to brand them - but they were all safe and bland. We wanted something that flew in the face of the old guard, and instead was avant guard. Our company is named El Designo. We tip our hats to the world of design and the world of Mexican Luchadore Wrestling.

​Of all the wrestling styles out there the Mexican Luchadore wrestlers have the most flash and pizazz in the ring. This, we thought, is something we could brand a design studio around! Just look at all those colour combinations, the mystery, the sequins! We’ll have enough material here to brand El Designo for a mucho, mucho long time!

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Edmonton Poetry Festival

The Edmonton Poetry Festival was a relatively new festival to Edmonton when El Designo started to represent their vision. By using lush custom illustrated posters and promotional materials, we have helped EPF become the flourishing festival it is today. They now bring in Poets from all over the globe, and are attracting attention to this unique artistic culture in Edmonton.

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Heritage Chickens

El Designo was called in to brand this fantastic local program which expanded at a rapid pace. The University of Alberta wanted to keep their heritage chickens from being replaced by more commercial breeds. This unique egg/chicken ownership was the solution. The idea was not only to have wholesome/free-range eggs available to the public, but to brand the hens producing the eggs as well.

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"El Designo is a writer’s delight"

El Designo is a writer’s delight. For those who act as liaisons between boss and designers,they make the experience a very smooth and enjoyable one. But what I really value is there dedication to the project. Even when they are finished there side of the work, they invested extra time into helping me out - sending and re-sending files so they could work with my programs, as well as fixing my late spotted typos. By doing all these things in a gracious and timely manner reminded me why I love working with designers.

​ - Jenna O’Flaherty, Technical Writer - Kendrik Canada

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